'I'm always looking for the Hows and the Whys and the Whats,' said Muskrat, 'That is why I speak as I do. You've heard of Muskrat's Much-in-Little, of course?'
'No,' said the child. 'What is it?'
- The Mouse and his Child. Russell Hoban.

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Saturday, 10 January 2009

Word has got around

... that I'm a Bird Mummy, because today while gardening I was requested in no uncertain terms, by this young blackbird, to dig up something tasty.  And not once, but throughout the whole afternoon.   This has never happened to me before!  What a thrill.

I feel like I've been transported into some children's storybook.  My beans may be up to the clouds tomorrow, or perhaps Mrs Blue (one of our hens) will begin to lay golden eggs....


  1. Saint Frances of Bay of Plenty, you've been discovered.

  2. Ahhh, bless.

    Typical youngster though, sit there looking cute hoping someone else will do all the work.

  3. i'd be thrilled too! i've never seen anything like that before! yes, seems as though the word is out...

  4. In our garden it's freezing and all the birds just sit there waiting - - and a whole chorus goes up when I refill the bird table, as they tell each other.

  5. Ohhhhh you're the bird whisperer!

  6. mmmmm peraphs that should be bird whistler....

  7. Thanks for your lovely comments everyone. Daphne - yes I am sure birds communicate quite complex information - when my last two cats died (on the road), and before we even found their dear poor bodies - the birds were landing on the grass and looking much bolder. The first time I wondered about it, the second time, it was unmistakable. They Know.

    I thought I would always have a cat to greet me at the door, but what a bonus all the bird-life has been! Shelly (dog) patrols the other cats away too.

  8. What a lovely story, I have enjoyed your updates on the thrush babies & look forward to more, hope they (& you) are doing well?