'I'm always looking for the Hows and the Whys and the Whats,' said Muskrat, 'That is why I speak as I do. You've heard of Muskrat's Much-in-Little, of course?'
'No,' said the child. 'What is it?'
- The Mouse and his Child. Russell Hoban.

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Monday, 7 December 2009

Hawkes Bay map

Here's me strangling Ann* up the peak a few weeks ago.  This is the view looking west over Havelock North, then Hastings, and you can see the snow on the Ruahine Range in the distance..

And here's a map showing some of those places I mentioned in my previous post.  Just thought you might be interested.  Click to embiggerate.

* One of the best-natured and tolerant women I know.


  1. My home stomping ground. Yea. And 'embiggerate'. That has to be the word of the year. I shall be plagiarising that, definitely.

  2. Plagiarise away, GB. My pleasure.