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Friday, 6 July 2012

"How Shall I Do my Hair?"

Ears are in Fashion for Girls, with Waves, Little Curls, and Combs for Women.

News ?  I should say so !  Women are going to have ears again.  Not all at once, oh dear, no ;  that would be expecting too much ; but gradually.  First the little pink lobe will dare to peep out, and then, before we know it, the whole ear will be seen as if it had never gone away.

      You see, a few years ago women had ears, then all of a sudden, they didn't.  Occasionally one would get a little look at an ear here or there ; but for the most part the modish woman was the earless woman.
     All this is simply because of the longing for change, and not for any crying need for ears.  But there is a real significance to it.  It shows a turn towards naturalness.  This tendency is responsible for another piece of news, and here it is : Wear your own hair, and wear it in its own natural colour.

The marcel wave is still favored
by older women.  The coiffure
above right shows the hair parted
at the side and drawn softly back.
Where the parting ends the hair is
raised slightly to give the effect
of a little high pompadour.
      Perhaps you have been wondering what is the favourite colour for hair this winter.  Perhaps you remember we have had plenty of seasons when some particular tint has been the craze, and all woman who wanted to keep pace with the latest thing out were auburn-haired, flaxen-haired, or raven-haired, as the case might be.
    Now Nature is perking up, and has a say of her own.  This is it : "Don't change the colour of your hair.  It's the fashion to keep it as it is."  Can't you see where she is giving a thought to good looks ?
As I have said before, dyed hair never deceives anyone -- the woman who wears it possibly being excluded.  It's a tell-tale.  It hardens, rather than softens, the features.  Don't forget that harmony is a real essential, and it's your own colour hair that fits in best with your own features, and helps to bring out the best that is in your face.  There is no more harmony in dyed hair than there is in a jazz band.
     Then you can help further to make yourself good-looking by arranging your hair becomingly -- not only becomingly, but stylishly.

Copied from The Girl's Own Annual, 1922,  page 243.


  1. I read the post and thought "Possibly the colouring bit could be K's views but it's not her style." I pondered. I thought. I read the bit at the bottom. I felt a but silly. On reflection, though, the principles haven't changed much have they?

    1. My favourite bit is the total rejection of jazz!

  2. I was about to defend Dawn's purple hair and jazz music, but it would appear that I don't really have to!! (breathes again)

  3. My daughter has pink hair at the moment. Purple was her second choice.

  4. I must say that I have always admired Little High Pompadours. One of my all time favourite grunge bands.
    Like GB it took me a while to cotton on that it wasn't you yourself explaining your own attitude to hair fashions!

    1. What a novel name for a band YP.
      I am rather aghast and not a little concerned that my writing style is so archaic to be thus able to so easily deceive you both.

  5. i think, thunk an exposed ear lobe is obscene, pornogrhphic, and in bad taste

    1. Ah, but what about ANKLES Putz?

  6. And I who thought fashion was finally catching up with me...

  7. What a dry comment Dawn - you made me laugh.