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'No,' said the child. 'What is it?'
- The Mouse and his Child. Russell Hoban.

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Thursday, 23 April 2009

I've looked at clouds - Part 2

Coral islands!  Now volcanic islands!  Then into some turbulence from crossing the (sub-tropical?) jet stream - that narrow (1-3 miles thick) current of rapidly moving air that meanders across the earth at about 11,000 m altitude just under the troposphere.  The captain brings us up a little more to 11,600 m, and it's down to minus 52ºC outside.  But, amazingly, there seems still some clouds a little higher than us - beautiful fat thunderheads over the moist jungle.  Is that Burma down there?

We arrived in Singapore - Changi airport - only 20 minutes late despite the 90 minutes delay at Auckland.

This airport seemed almost surreal after the whites and blues out my window.  It was open, spacious, bright, and filled with thousands of salmon and cerise orchids - total colour overload to our tired brains...

Despite the bright lights I managed to get half an hour's sleep and felt much better.  Then I had a wash and teeth brush in the immaculate loos watched by two diminutive, smiling and bowing cleaner ladies, who seemed to mop perpetually.  They each had a pure white headscarf/ shawl thing over their heads and tucked into the necks of their blue uniforms.  It looked lovely.  I wondered if it was just part of their uniforms, or maybe their religious requirement.


  1. Wonderful again! I love Singapore airport.
    ♥ lori

  2. You've obviously been flying high! x

  3. Hi. Thank you for visiting my blog and signing up. We'll be seeing each other, and Jiinksy, and Lori ann.

  4. Oh Jinksy - I changed the altitude from km to m ... blush.

  5. I really really am enthralled by your photos from the plane. Oddly enough I posted photos of the Kaikoura Ranges yesterday although I regarded them as images rather than photos because of the heavy UV content and the poor quality of the plane windows. I have been travelling veryfrequently by air for over 35 years and the magic of the views (when I can see out) never leaves me.

  6. GB. Ah - scratched plane windows- the bane of passionate Earth-watchers like me....
    Try upping the contrast a bit.

  7. Thanks Katherine. I did a very quick fix this morning and have done a new post with the new pictures. I really must start using the tools I have available more often. Too many late nights, too little thought!


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