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Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Apostrophe 'Clumsy Visually'.

Date: 31 October 2008 8:43:22 AM
To: "Frances Nelson"
Subject: Re: World Teachers Day

Frances, I feel sure that the words 'World Teachers Day' requires an apostrophe after the S.  Not a good look! 

On behalf of Frances Nelson, thanks for your email about the e-card sent to you recently. 

You'll be glad to know the subject of the apostrophe has been discussed here well before you raised it.  Teachers' Day is obviously correct, but modern convention (and here we have followed the style of the NZ Teachers Council) accepts dropping the apostrophe.  (See 
http://www.teacherscouncil.govt.nz/ ).

From a design perspective, the apostrophe is clumsy visually and this meant that we plumped for the "no apostrophe" on the posters and maintained consistency with the other material.
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  1. NZEI Te Riu Roa - Supporting the murder of accurate grammar and laziness in expression. Well done Madame de Chevalle for bothering to raise the issue

  2. Oh, I don't know, the idea of a singular "World Teacher" is both sort of heavy with religious overtones and messianic...while bad grammar will always be just that!

    The alternative idea of a day of "Happy World Teachers" is even more of a strain though.....I'm sure we all know a lot of unhappy ones....

    Top blog though (As is Mr Pudding's too...)


  3. You're making that up! Aren't you?

  4. Unfortunately not HI.