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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Naked Bus Saga 1.

Naked Bus is brilliant*. I would recommend this nation-wide New Zealand company for any bus travel here. Their prices are cheaper than the competition, and, if you book early enough, you can get a seat for free. If you wish to change your booking, and re-book for another date and/or journey, you just have to remember to do this not later than 24 hours before your journey was to occur.

More wonderful stories of the lovely drivers and excellent service another time.

This time I have a story to tell you that's still unfolding. How will it end? Only time will tell. Will it be a Good story? Or a Bad story? It's in the hands of Tim. Or Helen. Or someone else at the Naked Bus email-ending-up place.

Chapter one: I decide I can't take the time off to travel to Hawkes Bay after all. Can't get to the 'change a booking' form on the Naked bus website. Can't get anyone on the phone on the number given. Can write on the 'questions' form. Yay.

Subject: Change a booking
Name: Katherine
Email: ---------
Booking reference: --
Regarding bookings 0412707-11C1-ROAHAS
and 0613107-11C1-HASROA:
Hello Naked Bus. I cannot make the journey Rotorua - Hastings - Rotorua this week and want to change it to the same days of the week in SIX WEEKS time: that is: September 7th Rotorua to Hastings, and back September 11th Hastings to Rotorua.

But, frustratingly I cannot make the booking change because the booking page will not load , and when I try to phone the call will not go through either. I guess this might have something to do with all the snow...?

Unfortunately in less than two hours my 24 hours before the journey will expire and I am very concerned to get this changed before then as obviously I don\'t want to lose out on my money.

This is by way of ensuring there i s a record that I\'ve tried to do this. Please respond to my email address. Thanks.


* Unlike the USA, bus-travel in NZ is not just for the poor and carless.


  1. I would say it's not looking good on this one. If you waited until two hours before your 24-hour deadline to send your note, it's not even going to be received, let alone read and processed, until after your trip would have been done and over with. This is known as "my hard-hearted response"...

    My soft-hearted response as a hypothetical employees of Naked Bus is, "Oh, the poor dear! Of course, we'll cheerfully refund her money. In fact, let's double it for all the trouble she has had to go through, and let's throw in a free trip in September to boot. Rotorua - Hastings - Rotorua is so lovley at that time of year."

    But that's just me.

  2. I can't wait for the next installment.

  3. I know I left a comment here....

  4. Nothing came through Robert...

  5. Ah, your comment HAS turned up Robert.

    May I just correct your assumption though. "...in less than two hours my 24 hours before the journey will expire..."
    So you see, I did send it in good time.