'I'm always looking for the Hows and the Whys and the Whats,' said Muskrat, 'That is why I speak as I do. You've heard of Muskrat's Much-in-Little, of course?'
'No,' said the child. 'What is it?'
- The Mouse and his Child. Russell Hoban.

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Sunday, 8 April 2012

An unexpected visit from Trite planiceps

While I work away at my Big Painting I periodically take a swig of water.
Luckily one day last week I noticed this handsome jumping spider sitting on the rim of my glass in time. He was regarding me intently with his wonderful jet-black eyes. Perhaps he thought some other colour would have been better instead of the one I'd chosen for my illustrated 'O'.

After a good explore around my water bottle and paint-tubes, he obviously decided the opportunities for prey were low, and headed off to investigate the curtains.

Later when the PR photographer came to do the shots for the newspaper article (just thought I'd slip that in there), she was unaware of my earlier visitor. I didn't mention it. I know not everyone enjoys spiders as much as I do.

This is how I finished the 'O'. Do you like it? There's a Godwit trapped in there, and some kelp decorating the side. I hope the gold frame is not too OTT.


  1. "I know not everyone enjoys spiders as much as I do."
    No! Neither do I! :O
    Two hairy legs are bad enough!
    Four hairy legs sounds queer!
    Six hairy legs? Oh my God!
    Eight hairy legs - I fear!

  2. Looks splendid! But then anything with a Godwit in it.... I notice that it's a fairy tale. It has to be if the sun's always shining. A couple of years ago I'd have thought it could have been set in Hawkes Bay. That was then. This is now and a new reality has set in.

    The photographer has captured your smile rather well I thought.

    On the subject of spiders and drinks I'm always careful with my bedside glass of water in the middle of the night after once discovering a dead creature in it.

  3. The "O" is super Katherine - as if from an illuminated Anglo Saxon manuscript but with a modern twist. Who's that young lady smiling into the camera? Spiderwoman?

  4. Bernard and GB - sorry to give you the heebie-geebies! Cute poem Bernard.
    GB, I had forgotten about your glass episode. This post may have been too close for comfort! Sorry!

    GB and YP - Thank you. Yes, I was hoping to get the fairy story idea over. Actually it's a true-ish* story with my own embellishments, both literally and metaphorically.

    * as true as any story can be from our colonial past, and told from one 'side'.

    1. Made up on the spot! :)

    2. No, really!? Aren't you clever!

  5. Love the "O" and I agree with YP about the photo.

  6. PS. I'd be afraid that your jumping spider would jump on me from the curtains!! UGH !

  7. Thanks Helsie. And thanks for being brave enough for even reading this post!

  8. the spider's giving me the heebie-geebies but the illustration is simply divine! Very pretty indeed.

  9. A "handsome" spider with "wonderful" jet black eyes? Please don't try and kiss it, it's not a frog. I admire people who can see beauty in all living things but for me its a spider and my primordal flight and fight instincts work overtime when I see them - usually with a negative outcomes for the spider. Spiders did get rehabilitated in my mind after I had read the story 'Charlottes Web' to a class of children, in fact for a while I positively felt positive towards them - but it didn't last long - spiders are well.... spiders.

  10. Sorry Fox and Alden. I guess my attempts at spider-human public relations didn't work with you two either.

    The story of Gilbert Mair and the Godwits is probably going to be the most popular in the exhibition, I think.

  11. do you go and welcome the Godwits? We have a small group of Godwit watches up here in Omaha.