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'No,' said the child. 'What is it?'
- The Mouse and his Child. Russell Hoban.

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Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Local Poly on a Saturday Morning

Brrr, a crisp bright morning.  A good day for a walk.  No-one around but a few other plumpish, middle-aged, walking women.  Unlike them I carried my camera and left my gloves behind.
First, past the rugby fields and over the footbridge...

(These look much better enlarged with Mr clicky)

Tide's almost full low.

Frost still on the phormium (New Zealand flax)

Toitoi plumes for contrast.
Coming in the back gate of the Polytechnic:
This tree would hide the boiler chimney nicely in summer.
Not so useful in this role in winter.

Fat buds already nearly bursting and it's only June.
Don't they know the coldest is yet to come?

A sparra watches me.  The birds around the tech are tamer than usual.
Perhaps because there's a lower than usual density of cats.

Rhodos.  They'll be frosted for coming out so early.

One of my favourite lunchtime seats when I was a student here.

Wisteria gets itself in a knot.

Palms outside the library.
 Lots of lovely back-lighting with the early morning sun....

I know this freckled branch of camellia leaves isn't healthy, but it looks interesting.


Sophora (New Zealand Kowhai)
 A lovely dainty apple blossom camellia sasanqua standing like a bride in its own confetti.

Liquid Amber

I remember that this is a lovely magnolia.

A wax eye takes refuge from me as I pass too near its nectar source.
They are feeding almost all daylight hours this time of year.
It's hard being a little bird in winter.

The last leaf of summer.
Was that a song title? 
 I can't decide which is the best image of the new house the carpentry class is framing up.

Pittosporum (Tarata, or Lemonwood)

Another dainty, fine-leaved pittosporum.
 I don't know the name of this shrub below, but I love the rich purple berries.  I wonder if it would make a good dye or paintable pigment?  I may have trouble picking some, as this image was taken from the bridge, and it's very boggy down there on the bank.

When I got home I was definately ready for my muesli!


  1. Some fascinating textures in there - particularly the Winding Wisteria. But what really struck me was the lack of leaves on some of the trees and the apple blossom. These are sights I so rarely (the latter I have never seen) in New Zealand.

    1. Oh of course Geeb. You're not here! The apple blossom... is not actually APPLE blossom - it's an 'apple blossom-TYPE camellia. Bit early for the apples yet...

  2. Ah. You have done away with comment moderation.

    1. Yep. It's an experiment, however. And under constant review - like every government department and SOE in New Zealand.

  3. 'Twas - "The Last Rose of Summer".

    1. Thanks Bernard. I'll listen again. Lovely.

  4. I especially liked the knotted wisteria.
    No comment moderation? Aha, I can now say what the hell I like as long as it's not about Ibizan sign language!

    1. Yes, YP, it has a tortured quality not unlike the stereotypical artistic personality.
      And if you don't watch your step, you'll be responsible for me turning it on again.

  5. what a photographic feast..... some lovely shots and it must have been a fairly sensorial meander.... well done!

    1. Thanks Fox. Clear, cold and bright. Have you been to NZ? Many people comment on the very sharp light. Our air is very clear down here.


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