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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Good Enough

I'm a bit of a perfectionist.  I like to do things properly.  This is a good driver in my work of art-making.  But in the other world, the imperfect world, like any personal quality, it's a Good Thing and a Bad Thing.  There have been many times in the past when my fear of failure or, more prosaically, lack of enough time or the perfect tools, has paralysed me and I haven't even begun something, let alone finished it.

Recently I have been occasionally astonishing myself and saying 'good enough is good enough, just get into it and get it done!'

The day, nay the evening before Aftermas this year, I was moaning about the uneven step that was the scene and contributing cause of my literal downfall last Aftermas, and GB simply thought for a few seconds, said 'Quick-drying concrete!', got in the car, bought a bag from Mitre 10 Mega and within 30 minutes the step was done.  Inspirational!

The new level step where I broke my ankle last year.

Aftermas is a great incentive. Between Christmas and New Year's I spent a happy three days finishing off the edges of the cobblestone area in front of my studio. It was like leaving until last all the edges of a giant irregular jigsaw puzzle.  I had a collection of part-pavers and pieces and amazingly, had only three left over when I had finished filling all the holes.

It feels so good to be done and dusted after mumble years of unfinishedness.
Now, a quick sweep with the broom and it looks so nice! Sure it's not perfect.  Sure the leaves still get stuck in a few gaps, but at least they're only little leaves now.  Now it's such a pleasure to go down the back steps and out to work in my wee studio.

The steps to our back door, and the alleyway for visitors to my studio.

My art studio.


  1. Well done Kate! Perhaps I will take inspiration from this and tackle the path by our back door in our summertime. This will involve taking up the old path and some use of an angle grinder to cut some of the stones into shape. It's something I have meant to do for a couple of years now but procrastination is sometimes so inviting.

  2. The new paving to your studio really does look good: so much more interesting than the big square ones I've been looking at for a similar area I have to do back in Eagleton.

  3. I love to see trees growing directly from paving; very sculptural.

  4. Good enough... I think you're probably right - and looking around me I think it's the un-spoken motto I usually apply at home (when I can get away with it!). Thanks!

  5. I love the art studio! Just looking at it makes my fingers itch to create something :)

    Ms Fix it. good job! Paving... and puzzling.. are great therapy!

  6. Great attitude - one I discovered when I had no one to help anymore. So its not perfect - but it has to be better than it was and no one else notices. Unless you are one of my two ex partners who comment on brush strokes and uneven surfaces - although rarely ever do anything to fix them. Life is sooo good with my good enough and calm home.

  7. Katherine, thought this might be of interest to you, an upcoming exhibition here in Cairns.


    Leading New Zealand children's author and illustrator Dame Lynley Dodd is best known for her Hairy Maclary and friends characters.

    Dodd's fascinating career has spanned over four decades and will be discussed between Dame Lynley Dodd and exhibition curator Penelope Jackson of Tauranga Art Gallery New Zealand.

    Date: Saturday 5 April 2014
    Time: 1:30pm - 2:30pm
    Cost: $10 Bookings essential 40464800

  8. Ah, thank you for the information Carol. I attended this talk at our own Tauranga Art Gallery. If you decided to go, I think you will thoroughly enjoy Lynley Dodd's beautiful drawings. 'Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy' is one of New Zealand Kids' best loved stories... mine included!

  9. What a lovely little studio. I'm glad you got your step fixed and came out as you did on your paver project.


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