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- The Mouse and his Child. Russell Hoban.

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Friday, 3 October 2014


Exciting news!  After trying for over a year, my girl Natalie has finally been accepted by an airline for a position as flight attendant. In about two months she will put on the Virgin Australia uniform for the first time.
Before that she has almost three weeks' work to complete for the cafĂ© where she works.  During that time she'll try and find some accommodation not too far from the Auckland airport.  On 28th October she begins a five week training course and when that is complete … off she flies!
She will be based in Auckland and will be on the trans Tasman flights to and from Australian cities.  So if you are ever flying Virgin across 'The Ditch', look out for her!



  1. Allways nice to heare when Young people get a good job. Con gratulations

  2. Well done Natalie. I hear they are good to work for. Best of luck in your new job.

  3. Congratulations and good luck for Natalie!
    The house gets empty now?
    I see that Virgin Airlines only hires young good looking slender ladies ! ?.

  4. I am surprised she can qualify in three weeks. I thought they had to learn much more complicated things. Like dealing with maniacs, speaking three languages, working out when someone needs resuscitating and stopping folk tampering with them.
    Good luck to her. Seems like a job from hell.

  5. Congratulations to your daughter.

  6. Hurrah for Natalie! If I am ever on one of her flights I shall press the attendant call button with alarming regularity. Will Natalie's mum be allowed discount tickets? I guess the five week training will mostly cover how to deal with awkward Australians like Helen and Carol. Well done Natalie!

  7. I hope she enjoys this new line of work. It is always exciting to start a new job. A new place to live adds to the adventure.

  8. Thanks everyone. It is indeed a very very hard job, albeit with the superficial appearance of slim, beautiful, serene glamour.

    Adrian, the course is 5 weeks, but she has already done her first aid, and undergone an extremely rigorous selection and interview process, and incidentally also has a three year batchelors degree in tourism and hospitality.

    Louise, yes, you are right, it's very exciting and as well as moving up to the Big City, she also needs to get her car license as within a few months on she will need to be on call. This means to be able to be dressed immaculately, at the airport and be ready to fly within 90 minutes of being contacted.

    Helsie, yep, we hear great things about Virgin Australia, and I must say we've been very impressed with the level of professionalism in all Nat's dealings so far. I'm afraid this is in strong contrast to Jetstar. On her third interview with Jetstar (yes, she's been very persistent) they even omitted to tell her where it was being held! So she went all the way up to Auckland on the shuttle and amazingly managed to spot another interview candidate who DID know where to go, waiting for a taxi. When the interviewers heard about her dedication, they (very naturally) offered her a position. Only to withdraw it a week later!!!

    YP You naughty old button-pusher you! Yes, family do get discounts. I have been training her for this since birth, donchaknow?

  9. Well done her. Not an easy job; especially having to look cheerful in the face of all those idiots who think they need 'special attention'.

  10. I have nothing but admiration for those who do that job. It's like so many jobs: straightforward when all is going well but really coming into its own when something happens (as I discovered when I was taken ill on a flight).


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