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'No,' said the child. 'What is it?'
- The Mouse and his Child. Russell Hoban.

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Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Whakatane (fock - ah - tar - nay) is a pleasant little town. In the middle of the business area there is a large treed bluff, which is a distinctive picturesque backdrop for the everyday and mundane things that have to be carried out in towns, especially in midsummer when the red-flowered pohutukawa trees are in bloom.
But you won't see that in any of these images because I didn't go into the town itself.

Briefly, some facts:
Whakatane's population is about 15,000, with another 15,000 or so in the nearby district. 40% of locals have Maori ancestry (the NZ proportion of Maori is about 20%), and the economy is mainly agriculturally-based. Forestry (there's a mill), dairy farming and horticulture, fishing, and some light manufacturing. It's also a popular tourist destination for whale-watching, swimming with dolphins, bushwalking, hunting, and charter fishing.


  1. "swimming with dolphins". I think that is often the dream of beauty pageant contestants but I doubt it would be a dolphin dream.
    Whakatane looks kind of sleepy. Where are all the cars?

  2. A very pretty place. I like the tree-lined, broad streets, and the colorful flowers. Thanks for the pronounciation clarification on the town's name.

  3. http://dawntreader-picturebook2.blogspot.com/
    Kia Ora,

    Came via Dawn Treader's blog.

    Always enjoy visiting fellow New Zealanders.

    My posts too are mainly on NZ.
    I enjyed Whakatane. Visited in 1980, and never forgot collecting muscles in the channel.


  4. Wait...Ann collected muscles in the channel? I think she meant mussels. She knows what she meant.

    I'm enjoying the photo tour of the real New Zealand you're giving us.

  5. YP, actually dolphins generally enjoy swimming with humans, beautiful or otherwise. Because if they
    don't, they just swim away. We're talking wild dolphins, here.
    And 'where are all the cars?', well, I counted 19 in 5 images, so that's an average of about 4 per image...

    Pat - Thank you. This was the main by-pass.

    Ann. Welcome to TLVD! Thanks for commenting. It can be hard work collecting Kaimoana, eh?

    Robert. Indeed. It's a pleasure to provide you with enjoyment.
    Oh, expect an email from me soon. You have won a bunch of grapes...

  6. I stayed near the Shell Station a few weeks ago when I was in Whakatane. It's a lovely town. The croquet lawns need a bit more TLC though - they are getting rather worn.

  7. If your cryptic comment means what I think it means, I will send you my snail mail address via your email connection. The excitement level around here has risen considerably.

  8. Geeb - Ah, that's where you were staying.
    Robert - WIll be in touch.