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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Ringing out the old and the new

Here is the last light of 2010 - a view from my studio window at about 9.30 pm last night.

And below, the first light of 2011 at 5.20 am a few minutes ago. It's a fabrication, but it is fun that today is 1.1.11, isn't it? Fabrication or not, looks like it's going to be another hot day. The blackbirds and the Tui are raising their voices over the sweet dawn chorus outside the open front door as I write this sitting here. Too warm for a dressing-gown already.

What will 2011 hold for us all? I wish peace and contentment for you.

My resolutions: To eat more from my garden and catch up on maintenance around here.


  1. Lovely sights! Best wishes from Cape Blanco, USA.

  2. Elizabeth1.1.11

    Happy New Year, Katherine.

  3. Two wonderful days (so far, today, anyway!). I missed the dawn - just. I went to bed at 0300! By the time I woke at 0743 (if my digital clock is correct) the sun was well up.

    I hope that 2011 is a wonderful year for you in every way.

  4. Thank you Rosaria, Elizabeth.
    Geeb... you are amazing. Surely you'll have to put your feet up after lunch!?

  5. No chance. My partner for next weekend's tournament in Palmerston is coming over for practice together this afternoon and tomorrow morning - she has family here. The family are coming to me for dinner this evening. I think an early night may be in order unless the adrenalin keeps me going.

    I think it's you who is amazing with all the studying and studio making and living as well. At least I'm 'retired'.

  6. Well hi there Katherine,
    I came over to snoop around your blog, via DumDad's blog, which I love. And as you are all the way over there on the other side of the world, it seemed rather silly not to at least say hello while I was here. So hello! And Happy New Year from England.
    - GBS

  7. Hello hello GBS! And Happy New Year to you too. Welcome to TVD. Snoop all you wish!

  8. Happy New Year, Katherine!
    By the way what do Kiwis eat from their garden?

  9. I love the fern appearing at the horizon. Is is silver?

  10. Thank you, and Happy New Year back, Ben. Kiwis (the people) eat almost everything from their gardens, depending upon where their gardens happen to be in the country. In the north there are tropical fruits and sweet potato (kumara), in the south, excellent apricots, cherries and swedes, and all manner of the usual good food everywhere in between.
    You can grow oranges, mandarins and lemons everywhere, but obviously there are some places that are better for some fruit than others.
    Where I live, the climate is generally very kind and in the season, people commonly give away tomatoes, feijoas, avocadoes, mandarins, oranges, tamarillos, beans, sweet peppers, aubergines, plums, and of course kiwifruit.
    My vegetable garden is lacking in variety this year due to lack of time. All I have is silverbeet and spinach, and some herbs!

    Judy, I think that particular one is a Mamaku fern. But I have about a dozen silver ferns around the house. They are not hard to grow here.

  11. and a belated wish for peace and prosperity in the coming year, Katherine.

    thank you for sharing your world with us.



  12. Well, thank you sUNnY! And the same to you, in your little urban paradise. Please forgive my lack of visits, but I will catch up on myself soon, I hope!

  13. Hi Katherine,
    What a fruit eaters delight! I am impressed.
    I live in an agricultural area where farmers grow apples, pears, cherries and berries commercially.
    In my garden the only fruit there is are blackcurrants (need no maintenance), make wonderful juice.

  14. As the California Valley Girls say, "Oh. My. God." Have you stopped blogging, Katherine? I fervently hope not. But I just noticed, here on the 13th of January, that your post title does NOT say "Ringing out the old and ringing in the new"...no, it says "Ringing out the old and the new" which I tremble to think might mean "Ringing out the old and [ringing out] the new"...

    Say it isn't so! Or is the prospect of working towards that graduate degree so daunting you must concentrate on nothing else until it is in your hands?

    I hope I am alarmed over nothing.

  15. Beautiful sunrise. Happy new year to you.

  16. Hello Robert.
    No, all's well. I should have corrected the post header some time ago...
    Here in New Zealand we are in holiday mode (you would say 'vacation'). It's summery, warm, the schools close from just before Christmas until early Feb (the universities close from early November until the end of February). All is relaxed and not much of anything is being done! Except barbecues, swimming and catching up with friends.

    Lizzy, thank you.


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