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'No,' said the child. 'What is it?'
- The Mouse and his Child. Russell Hoban.

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Monday, 2 July 2012

Polytech Exhibition 2011

I was very impressed - intimidated, even - by some of the work at the local tech exhibition last year. There was a wide variety of approaches, despite the level playing field created by the square canvasses and identical size, which is 76 x 76 cm. Which are your favourites?

Marilyn Cairns.  Acrylic on Canvas

3. White on White
Linda Inglis.  Acrylic and stitch on canvas.

4. New Chums
Angelee Campbell.  Acrylic on Canvas
5. Untitled
Aroha Mclean.  Acrylic on canvas.
6. Disco City
Samantha FGordon.  Acrylic on canvas
7.  De'lectation Florale
Rosalie Raleigh.  Acrylic on Canvas.
8. Stacking Teacups
Eleanor Batten .  Acrylic and graphite on Canvas.
9. Nagaul's Window
Jonathan Marshall.  Acrylic on Canvas.
10. Hand Study
Sam Butler. Acrylic on Canvas.
11. Just Kick Back, Find Alice
Stacey Brown.  Watercolour, permanent marker on canvas.
12. Waiting for the Storm
Antoinette Miller.  Acrylic on Canvas.
13. Untitled
Hannah McKay.  Ink, shellac, gold leaf on canvas.
14. 16:9
Zacharaiah Mokomoko.  Acrylic on Canvas.
15. Thor Voden Son
Heath Davies. Acrylic on Canvas.
16. Meaningless Huh?
Heath van Leeuwen.  Spray paint on canvas

17. Pink Elephant on Parade
Melissa Muggeridge. Acrylic on Canvas.
18. Untitled
Kerryn Brunton. Acrylic on Canvas.
19. Close to You
Teddy Curle.  Acrylic on Canvas.

NB: I was under acute time constraints and apologise to the artists of works 10 and 14 for these being out of focus.  If they would like to contact me and submit better images I would be very pleased to be able to make amends.


  1. I HAVE DECIDED TO COMMENT SINCE THERE IS NO COMMENT MODERATION AND I CAN SAY ANYTHING I WISH><><><>so what is it i wish to say <>this is a loverly blog and i am glad it will be mostly sunny down south in tauranga harbor {not harbour, i certainly would not spell it that way and i am sure also that rhymes with bob, our mutual friend who is such a sticler for spelling would spell it exactly the american way}

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment and wishes Putz. I see you been keeping an eye on my weather.
      We win whatever the weather: Tt's actually much warmer today because it's raining. The last two days were sunny but very cold and we hd to stoke up the fire all day.

  2. oh two p.s es one that is such a grotesk close to you by teri curley up above me and the other p.s is and it p.s number 2 <><>it was so easy to comment, now i won't hesitate to comment when the spirit pushes me to do so

    1. Yes, I didn't like that painting much either. But then I noticed it's title was 'Close to You' and it didn't seem so bad.
      I will be glad to get more comments from you when the spirit pushes you Putz.

  3. i guess you are playing a dangerous game not moderating comment but i for one hate when they give you a number and you have to spell it in words and then the letter are so sqosin together that you can't tell what they are<><>at times i have failed that little test so much that i just end up scrpping the whole idea of blogging all together

    1. Oh I agree too. Those words/ numbers are so frustrating, my heart sinks when a super blog has them.

  4. Ha ha to Putz ( though I heartily agree with his view on the comment security tests)
    My vote goes to number 7 the still life/ flowers. It is lovely. I think my vote is very influenced by the subject matter of the artwork as I also like 8,10 and 3 and agree with Putz about 19.
    An enjoyable post Katherine.

    1. 7, 8, 10, and 3... I've checked them all out, and I can really see why they'd appeal Helsie.
      Thanks Helsie!

  5. I like the first image (#2) best. Haven't a clue as to why.

    I consideresd beoming a grammar nerd but I would be a complete flop at it as I am thoroughly captivated by Putz's contribution (squeeze, squeezed, sqosin) to our treasure trove of transitive verbs. It's even better than that old Southern favorite take, took, tooken.

    1. Robert: 2 is my fav too. I like the questions it raises for me, as much as the technique and colours.

      And yes! I love 'sqosin' too! Putz is a natural commentator.

  6. My favourite is "Stacking Teacups" by Eleanor Batten. Shame there were no deChevalle works in the selection.
    Pleased to see you have been well and truly Putzed! Like him I also hate the verification tests. I find I have to keep refreshing until I find something I can definitely make out. Why the hell is such security necessary anyway?

    1. Thanks YP. It was the tech exhibition - the two years after ours.

      It was great to be Putzed!

      I presume you last question was rhetorical YP? There are a lot of spammers around I notice...

  7. My three favourites in no particular order are Disco City, Stacking Teacups and Just Kick Back, although the middle one might just be a British thing!

  8. Ah, Thanks SP. Another cuppa tea liker. There were some fun little details and drawings in the Alice in Wonderland one...

    It was a pity you all couldn't have seen No. 13 in real life. That was my second choice. It was truly fabulous, really spectacular - like some wonderful slice through a piece of glorious timber. Wondrous - with gold leaf (but not too much so as to look trite), with black and orangey details. I would have bought it if it hadn't already been sold.

  9. 18; 16; 13; 6; are all ones I would gladly hang on my walls! A good collection of works.... thanks for sharing.

    1. no 2 is lovely
      ps get a dog x

    2. There was a good variety. Always a credit to a tutor, I think, that his or her own style is not superimposed.... Laurie is great.

    3. John, I will! But not yet.

  10. Interesting comments so far but I put all other considerations of art and likes aside when I came to 'Waiting for The Storm'. I have always had a 'thing' about people gazing away from me as the viewer. If they are gazing through a window or a doorway that is even better. The fact that the mystique of what the viewer is looking at or thinking is slightly lessened by the title only detracts from my enjoyment by a small amount.

    1. Interesting comment Geeb. It's good to have 'things'. The issue of titles is another area of strong feeling too for many gallery-goers.