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'No,' said the child. 'What is it?'
- The Mouse and his Child. Russell Hoban.

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Friday, 27 June 2008

The Question

I am vacillating about our trip down south to Dunedin tomorrow.  To go or not to go, that is the question.

1. It's a lovely long way and I have now a new camera, and will be coming back slowly, taking photos that I will use for paintings. 

2.  It's been about 30 years since I've been in Christchurch where I did my degree, and knew and loved it very much.

3.  I love driving and seeing New Zealand, and we will be covering about 1300 km (one way) of beautiful scenery.

4.  N. is off to university next year, this might be one of the last holidays we have together.

5.  J. has loads more stuff than will fit on a 747.  

6.  I'm looking forward to seeing Ellyn and her new house.

7.  J. has to be down by the 2nd July to enroll for his post grad thingy anyway.  So will have to be flown down if we don't go.

8.  N. is staying with her Dad from the 4th so will have to be flown down if we don't go.

9.  I haven't had a holiday for years (see our big O.E blog) and can be away 10 or 11 days.

1. I still have the ends of the flu bug.

2.  J. has a sore throat.

3.  N. has the ends of the flu bug.

4.  It's a long way, and a lot of driving.

5.  Snow is forecast on the Central Plateau for tonight, but is likely to be passable by 9 am tomorrow morning.

6. A quick survey of two friends revealed 100% advising against it.

7.  Pippin our cat has just gone missing.*

8.  Petrol is expensive.

9.  It's really cold down there.

What do you think?  We were going to leave tomorrow at about 6.30 am New Zealand time, so you have until then to tell me.  About 14 hours.  

*I think YP has put a hex on me for posting about my pets (posting removed out of respect for Boris)

P.S.  OK,  I admit I tried to skew the data by not confessing that I actually still have the flu.  My temperature is  up a bit - 37.5ºC , but I feel ok, really I do.  Honestly.


  1. Anonymous27.6.08

    Go but check the weather. Don't go if it's dangerous.

  2. The main thing against is Pippin's disappearance and I didn't put a "hex" on you ma'am! (Whatever a hex is!) By the way my moan about your pet post was totally tongue in cheek. You should have just left it live!

    Thirty years since uni days in Christchurch! You must go back while the idea is in your head. It may never return and your children may never be in the mood to come with you again. Dunedin or bust!

  3. OK. We will then. See you all in 10 days or so!

    Ah, YP, the hex thing was totally tongue in cheek... And I was *fairly* sure your moan was too, but just in case you were really sad, I thought I'd take mine off. You might have been one of those really sensitive souls. Like me. :-)


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