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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Yasi vs. the World

Here is a great site that compares the size of this mega-cyclone* with other parts of the world.

Of course a storm of this magnitude is unlikely to develop outside tropical regions, but it just shows you what the Aussies are referring to when they talk about 'cyclone season'. Although they're not usually whoppers like Cyclone Yasi.

Here is it superimposed on Europe...

..and over Asia:
...the USA,
Just the eye, over Katrina country:


And my own New Zealand. Whewee!

And this isn't a disaster movie, folks. It's happening right now.

*Artificially colour-coded by rainfall density.


  1. Very scary business. Was once in a very small one in Louisiana.
    Never knew that they could be that big in Australia. Do you get a tail end of the cyclone in NZ?

  2. I've checked my atlas and internet maps but I can't find the town of Whewee anywhere in New Zealand. Is it North or South Island? I guess it must be an old Maori name.

    Good heavens, Yasi, certainly is BIG. There will surely be some fatalities in Queensland - as if that part of the world hasn't suffered enough.

  3. WOW, that's impressive. Never thought to compare Yasi on Europe or NZ with Australia. Watching from that side, it's worse than worse :-( - Tamara


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