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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Christchurch Earthquake

As I write this, people all over New Zealand are observing 2 minute's silence. Exactly a week ago the devastating earthquake shook Christchurch in the South Island of New Zealand.
I was there, experienced the first shake, and the 3 aftershooks, and I was still feeling shaky 26 hours later when the wheels of our scheduled flight out to Auckland left the ground.

Above is just one of the images I took from the car on the way to the airport. We didn't go near the CBD of course. You've no doubt seen the images of the worst-hit areas on telly.

This is a very dreadful, and significant event in New zealand's history.


  1. Bloody hell! Glad to hear you are OK.

  2. To have actually been there and felt it. That's something. If Shirley and I do come just after Xmas, I think I would feel rather bad about visiting Christchurch now. It will need many years to heal the scars - both physical and emotional.

  3. The episode could not be stated more accurately and succinctly than you have done in your last sentence.

    I still feel sick when I think of how I felt that afternoon and that day.

  4. Even at the other side of the world we felt the shock and after shock. Figuratively....my thoughts are with you.

  5. Thanks everyone.

  6. My sister and her family in Wellington are dreadfully sad and said they simply can't watch any more news about it. Susan works in a privite hospital and says her hospital is full of victims that have been brought in from Christchuch.

    This will be one of those life events where each New Zealander will remember forever where he / she was when the earthquake hit. My forever remember events are the moment President Kennedy was shot and 9-11.

  7. How sad to see the images of devastation in a country we only recently started to know and to love.
    The pioneering spirit of NZ will take care of a rebuild soon, but the scars will remain, certainly in peoples hearts. Very dreadful and significant indeed.

  8. Thanks for sharing Judy.
    Ben - yep, the spirit will revive and carry on.

    I will never forget where I was... And of course, I'll never forget the date: my Birthday.

  9. It must have been a horrible experience. I would imagine also sort of surreal to still have been able to leave on the scheduled flight? Glad you got back safe. I heard of this earthquake by blog before I heard it on the news. Our TV news from Christchurch have been very limited (focused on other world events). Through blogging friends however the situation has come rather "close" for me in spite of the distance, and my thoughts have been on NZ a lot.

  10. Katherine, I've been away for awhile, but have thought of you as I read about the recent destruction in NZ. Floods and earthquakes...tomorrow never knows. Happy that you are well, sad about the rest.

  11. Dawn, Sam, thanks for your thoughts.


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