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Friday, 25 November 2011


At my Post-Graduate examination exhibition a few weeks ago, I was pleased to be able to hang my work in a really excellent space in the St Pauls Gallery, Auckland. This was the final configuration, and although not exactly how I had planned, it was OK. After 6 hours of arranging and re-arranging and another headache pending, it was the closest to the average of your suggestions that I could manage. I removed some works and added some others at the last minute!

Images should enlarge if you click them.

There was some lovely natural light available from a window, as well as good directional lighting above:

Here is Martin with the work, to show the scale:


  1. Looks just buzzingly great to me!
    Well buzzed:)

  2. Well done Katherine. I guess it was nice that your display was next to a window that allowed in plenty of natural light. The connected randomness of the arrangement seems to work.

  3. I spent a lot of time looking at the original post when you asked for our views but as I couldn't come up with anything satisfactorily constructive at the time - as you know my conceptual abilities are not good - I sat and stared and did nothing. Looking back I feel a little guilty about that because I should have made the attempt. After all if one has a vote one should use it. I bet Bees don't sit there and say 'I'm not voting on that.'.

    The finished display is certainly visually appealing. One day I shall hopefully have the opportunity more fully to see and understand the whole project.

    For how long is it being hung?

  4. Thanks folk. I appreciate your feedback.

    YP, a gallery doesn't usually have natural light. The random element of the changing light with time of day and weather is not usually appreciated as it can't be controlled.
    However I chose this spot (out of three) partly because of this element. The nature of the works' contents ('Nature', organic growth and chance) was perfectly compatible with a changing light source. It was almost a pity to turn on the overhead floros. But the fine detail was better appreciated with plenty of light, so the extra had to be on.

    Geeb, Speaking of votes, what do you think of our results? (I guess you are not eligible in NZ?)

    Re: The exhibition was, regretfully (I have had a number of inquiries) only up for the examiners. This was actually a real pity, as, as students, we have limited opportunities for public contact. One of a number of issues in a torrid year that I am still unable to see clearly and logically.


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