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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Warning: Shell's 'Fishing Competition'

I like entering competitions.

I bought some petrol and with the receipt they gave me a 'Fishing Licence' with a number. I went on line and played a silly 'fish catching' game and got 8 chances to win 7,ooo bucks worth of groceries. All good so far. They wanted my phone number and address. Hmmm. Ok, then, Greed got the better of me. Then you have to tick the 'I have read the terms and conditions' box.
All the conditions were the usual - about employees of the company not being eligible etc... until I got down to No. 16. I was so gobsmacked at the implications, I just had to share it with you.
I'll just give you a moment to read it. You may have to click on the image if you are hard of seeing like me...

OK. So. What do you think!?

Have I misread it?

It seems to me that if I enter this competition (not even WIN) I 'Waive all rights' (ALL RIGHTS!?) for '..an unlimited period of time...'!!!

Good Lord.

Surely that's not legal?

Additionally, they can 'modify any of these conditions'...' at any time' and not be liable!

Needless to say greed did not drive me to sell my soul to the devil.


  1. That's weird and creepy. Especially since you don't have to win to be subject to their terms.

  2. Anonymous5.11.11

    O M G!!! is this to use the information against you should you support any action against Shell's anti-environment behaviour . . . . .

  3. Hmmm.. You think so Janet?

    Yes, GLD, I was surprised at that too.

  4. Oddly enough I shopped at Countdown yesterday and got my 6c/litre off for Shell (I generally use BP as it happens 'cos the garage is handier) and the garage gave me one which I duly tucked into my pocket.

    I'm sure that Shell will have done their legal homework but I'm sure that whatever the legal rights a court would ultimately look at the reasonableness of such a clause in the circumstances and whether Shell should have advise you to seek legal advice before signing because the clause is so onerous.

    Even if you do sign away your rights for them to use your identity you do not appear to sign away your rights to then tell the media that you don't actually use their stuff at all and are anti-Shell and object to them and what they are doing and give them so much adverse publicity that they would pay you just to go away. Hmmmm.

  5. Very good points Geeb. Especially at the end!

  6. TE-HORI30.11.11



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