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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Wonderful Wellesley Street Eucalyptus Trees - Gone!

I now have it on the best authority (Tony's fabulous 49 year-old restaurant on Wellesley Street) that this wonderful tree (and its neighbours) have been cut down over the weekend. I posted about it here in May 2010, because, at the time, it was about the best thing I experienced on a trip I had made up to Auckland.

What a terrible pity.

Thank you to the anonymous commenter who drew it to my attention.

The woman I spoke to at Tony's said she thought it was because a block of apartments were going up nearby.


  1. To kill a tree needlessly is sacrilege. I trust they had a really justifiable reason: apartments or not.

  2. Anonymous13.3.12

    I walk down the street every work day and was flabbergasted at the barren side walk between Nelson Street and Sale Street. There is a terrible mess of sawdust and leaves and dirt and a strong smell of eucalyptus. Such a shame as I have always admired them. And they shielded you from the sun as you walk up the hill. Mid summer it can get quite hot. As I have chronic fatique sydrome and had my thyroid removed last year I would need to rest in the shade on my way up the hill. Now there is no shade. I am just so disappointed.

  3. Anon. Thank you for your input. You will especially miss them, then. I always find the uphill side of Queen a bit of a struggle in summer or winter. I always seem to be lugging a heavy suitcase back to the bus stop too!

  4. GB I hope they had a good reason too. It takes so long to grow a decent-sized tree. And so short a time to cut it down...


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