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Friday, 6 March 2015

Bioblitz Panels

Further to my previous post:  I painted on A2 sheets of paper, then scanned, enhanced, added to them a little, and 'tidied' them up, then they were printed out twice as wide, laminated, and formed a seven metre long panorama background representative of the Uretara River catchment, for the Katikati Bioblitz 2015.  
The speckly-grey and brown on the bottom represents the soil organisms, and although I would have liked to do lots more ecosystem vignettes, had to make do with just five in the time I had.  
I would love to record the data gathered at this bioblitz in the form of something more permanent.  Perhaps, after I've talked to the appropriate people, a series of murals of each of the ten (? twelve?) main ecosystems, accompanied by a list of the species of flora and fauna found there.
Katikati is, after all, known as the 'Mural Town'.  

High Kaimai range forest.

lower Kaimais

Rolling sheep and beef farms, pine plantations, quarry.

Avocado, citrus and kiwifruit orchards,  market gardens.

Orchards, market gardens, urban settlement, home gardens and parks.

Urban, estuarine tidal mudflats, farmlands

Estuarine tidal mudflats, farmlands.

Sandy beaches, tidal estuary, sea bed and sea out to the centre of the channel.


  1. This sounds like a mammoth job. Nice work; will we see an installation shot?

  2. Marvellous artwork Kate! Talking about "mural towns", Shirley and I visited one in Washington State in June - called Toppenish. Many interesting murals there but mostly reflecting local history. Its tagline is "city of murals". Keep up the good work ma'am!

  3. Beautiful. No other words needed.

  4. Wonderful. (Just to use a different word...)

  5. How lovely. (another word still)

  6. Beautiful, Katherine, simply beautiful. I'm looking at these on a 5 inch cell phone screen and trying to imagine how awesome (in the correct sense of the word) they must be in the flesh. Or in the laminate. 7 meters! Like those water lily paintings in the orangerie in Paris.

  7. Thanks for your comments everyone. I would have liked to have more time but it has served a very useful purpose. It has also been booked as an ongoing resource for local schools.


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