'I'm always looking for the Hows and the Whys and the Whats,' said Muskrat, 'That is why I speak as I do. You've heard of Muskrat's Much-in-Little, of course?'
'No,' said the child. 'What is it?'
- The Mouse and his Child. Russell Hoban.

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Monday, 5 January 2009

What's inside a Thrush-Mummy's fridge?


  1. you are a good thrush mummy! i'm following avidly along!
    xx lori

  2. It all looks very scientific. I've tried a couple of times to raise foundling chicks - starlings and blackbirds, never thrushes. Not very successfully, I'm afraid. Obviously didn't have the patented-Last-Visible-Dog- Thrushomatic-thrush-raising- kit-available-if-you-phone- right-now-for-only-$49.95-and- the-next-100-callers-will-receive- the-bonus-bottle-of LVD-thrush-mix-a $7.95-value- absolutely-free in my fridge.

  3. Isn't thrush an intimate complaint sometimes suffered by ladies and passed connivingly to innocent gentlemen?

  4. Stay tuned Lori ann, because even I don't know how it's going to end!

    VenDr - Google Is My Friend.

    YP, yes and no. It bounces around I believe. Symptoms include sores in the corner of the mouth...