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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Concepts of Beauty

A project by Esther Honig.
She took a photo of herself, the first one below, and sent it to professional Photoshoppers around the world.  Her instructions were simple "Make me beautiful".

The results so far:
Go Here

Part two Here is even more interesting.


  1. Interesting, I'll watch where I go for my nose job and tuck.

  2. Germany, OK.... Bulgaria, strange.... India, laughable.

  3. Having spent more time than perhaps I would have expected on this post I found the results very interesting indeed with very divergent views (often appearing to be based on regional stereotypes) on what 'beauty' is. I think in Honig's case the main problem for me was that the 'person' in the original photo disappeared in most of the Photoshopped versions.

  4. A really worthwhile project for these two artists. Concepts of personal female beauty in the USA are a bit challenging, if these photos are representative of the general mindset. Generally, just smoothing out the skin tone achieved the desired goal. Changes in eyebrows were very interesting.

  5. Yes, interesting project. Although we should remember that the results were personal preferences, as well as, probably, some cultural influence.

  6. I like the original more


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