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'No,' said the child. 'What is it?'
- The Mouse and his Child. Russell Hoban.

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Thursday, 5 February 2009

Oh Shoot!

This is another part of my garden that I love.  I had to take three photos to get this bamboo in, so the photo makes it look much shorter.  The top photo was looking almost directly up. 
It is about three times a tall as my house, I estimate.  Maybe 30 metres (90 ft)?  
Each cane needs two hands to encircle it.  It's quite slow-growing compared with the smaller variety, but I still periodically kick over most of the shoots, which as you can see would make a substantial addition to any stir-fry.  And would need a really big wok.
I was having a quick tidy-up in this corner yesterday. A few minutes after taking these photos I picked up one of the rocks edging the area and managed to drop it on my ankle.  

Warning! Injury description follows. The screamish should read no further:

Not too painful although I did say 'shoot' or something similar, but it also broke one of the big veins running across the foot and in seconds I had a large scary bulging puddle of aristocratic blue under the skin and getting bigger as I watched, fascinated.
I hobbled inside and grabbed the ice-gel thingy from the freezer, and the box of bandages, and wrapped it up in both, then lay on the couch and phoned my sister who is a nurse.
But who wasn't home...

So I called my doctor but, as is often the case, by the time she had given me instructions to R.I.C.E* it for ten minutes and then come in  so she could have a look, it had stopped bleeding.
So that was good.

It looks really impressive 'though.   I'm to keep off it for another 24 hours.  

All visitors bearing strawberries, ginger beer and Terry Pratchett books are very welcome.  Let yourself in the back door.

*Rest Ice Compression Elevation 


  1. Now that is true sacrifice in the interests of bloggery! But seriously I hope you're better soon - it sounds very dramatic and gruesome. Sorry I'm a bit far to visit... but I know a great recipe for strawberry jelly, if you get lots:


    (it's nice without the booze too)

  2. Yuck! I dropped a huge power cord on my foot last week. The bruise is still there.

    Hope your foot is better soon.

  3. Was "screamish" a deliberate mistake Katherine? I put it down to the traumatic shock of your self-induced injury. The insurance company will never pay up for this! I will be round at your back door shortly with a family of hungry pandas!

  4. '... a really big wok" Hahahahaha!

    Sorry about your foot. These bruises from ruptured veins come up frighteningly fast, don't they?

    I'm glad it stopped with the RICEing. But why no picture?

  5. I'm guessing that there's no picture because you have the good manners, the good taste, and the consideration of other people's feelings to spare the squeamish among us from unnecessary discomfort.

    I'm sorry you injured your ankle. I hope your recovery is quick and uncomplicated.

  6. EB, Dijea, thank you, thank you. And for the recipe too! Unfortunately as of this hour NO-ONE has come bearing ANYTHING at all, even a 'Watchtower'. I am gutted.

    YP, yes put the lack of 'qu' down to the shock of having to read and sleep all afternoon.
    And as for the pandas, they are welcome! That would be wonderful, and then I could do a post on pandas!

    Jay, sounds like you know what you are talking about - ugh. A picture? I didn't want to gross people out any more... It crossed my mind, 'though. And I though 'Jay would take one'. I'll never forget your wonderful post about a hole in the footpath. That was true commitment to blogging.I loved you from that moment on..

    Thank you Dan. What a nice thing to say.
    I'm much better already. It just looks ... interesting.

  7. I have lots of Terry Pratchett books. And some strawberry jam from last summer. Can I come and keep you company. I sure just like to listen to you chatting. You can rest your foot and I´ll do the dishes. Oh, and I liked the word screamish - like screaming in horror at your bloody looks! I thought you MEANT it that way.

  8. Angela, sounds perfect! My mother (daughter of a Russian, coincidently, after reading you story) always pronounced in 'screamish', and so, so do I.

  9. Beautiful photos, Kathrine! So sorry about the injury, glad it is going to be okay. BTW I love Terry Prachett too, even his children's books.

    Sistertex's last blog 'My Cat's A Slob'

  10. Welcome to TLVD Sister! Thank you for your nice comment. I think Sir Terry's 'Tiffany', 'Johnny' and 'Bromeliad' series are among the best children's books in the world, right up there with Mr Dahl.

    Streets above that wizard boy who-must-only-be-mentioned-in-hushed-tones.

  11. ouch! I hope you heal properly and don't drop any more rocks on your poor ankle. I'll be right over with Angela, I'll be bringing the yummy Ginger Beer! Keep RICEing!

    xx lori

  12. When I am injured I usually ask myself what wonderful thing can I now do that I have not been able to do when I have been so busy...

    wishing you a quick recovery

  13. Thanks for your kind thoughts Lori and Delwyn. It's fine now, but I'm keeping a bandage on so
    1) I don't freak people out with the colours and
    2) So they keep getting me cups of tea and answer the phone, etc. Lovely!

  14. I'm not sure why but this post amused me greatly - had me chuckling at the picture your words painted. Sorry about the ankle, but I must say it has entertained me and made me smile. Thank you and I hope you heal very quickly dear! And that flower is amazing!! I've never seen a flower like that before, nor have I ever seen bamboo like that!! It's huge!! Apparently New Zealand differs greatly from the Pacific NW area of the United States. Very interesting indeed.

  15. How old is the bamboo? And are there any koalas hiding up there?

  16. I mean PANDAS!

  17. I'm glad I made you smile Spots

    Sam, I should think about as old as the house - 110? I don't know of any other stands of this big stuff in the area. There was a 'Bella Sombra' here too once. The huge roots had disintegrated and only the big hole was left when we arrived 15 years ago. I understand there is one other of these unusual trees in a local school grounds, and that's it, possibly in New Zealand.

  18. Oh Katherine, I don't show up for a few days, and this is what you do to yourself?! How is the colouring looking??

    Pretty impressive bamboo grove you've got. I'm guessing it is not the sort that can be used for flooring and clothing etc? (since you don't have a really big wok!haha)