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- The Mouse and his Child. Russell Hoban.

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Saturday, 21 February 2009

Saturday Morning on the Beach

I went over to the beach this morning to watch the sun come up.  The front that went over yesterday has left quite a good swell.

The sun brings out creatures of various species for morning constitutionals. 

 That's 'The Mount' (Mount Manganui) visible through the spindrift.

New Zealand law means that private houses in New Zealand are not to be built too close to the beach, nor too high.  The beach belongs to everyone.


  1. Kathine,
    Beautiful photos, however, first two appear to be broken. I am in the middle of a class (I know, not paying attention!), so I will come have a look again later when I have more time. Was that your home in the photo? Loved the sunrises, just beautiful.

  2. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful. They look so peaceful.

  3. You realy live in the pits of the earth, don't you, Katherine. Donno how you can keep smiling through it.

    And there was me thinking NZ was a beautiful place ! Obviously LOTR was filmed on a set at Pinewood.

    Hehe. Glorious. Thank you.

  4. Nice to find you blogging again after your week off Katherine. Were you ill or uninspired?

    "New Zealand law means that private houses in New Zealand are not to be built too close to the beach, nor too high. The beach belongs to everyone." ....Now that is a bloody good law! Men may piddle by the side of the road in NZ (I'm still shocked!) but having a planning law like that renews my ambition to visit NZ. Will I be ragged as a "pommie"?

  5. wow. :-)

    i just had a nice walk on the beach. . . . isn't this amazing?

    just when i'm getting fed up with the web you have to go and get me all goo-goo gah-gah over its wonders.

    thank you for this post. :-)


  6. Anonymous21.2.09

    Oh, beautiful pictures! You've made me quite nostalgic!

    Tell me, do you have quicksand on those beaches?

  7. ...sigh...i love New Zealand...

    gorgeous photos Katherine, thank you for sharing.

    xx lori

  8. oh how beautiful - i loved that morning walk on the beach. is the sea cold there?

  9. Katherine I like these moody photos especially the second photo. The photos remind me of the correlation between the seasons, the weather and our moods - No wonder there are so many metaphors involving them

  10. Anonymous22.2.09

    It all looks so beautiful - you live in a lovely part of the world!

  11. What wonderful picture on the beach,
    it let me dream from the next summer – bright, warmly, colored

    lg Bettina

  12. Gorgeous! Did you happen to see any sand fleas while on your walk??

  13. Wow. This is your Saturday sunrise. A few hours before you went for a walk on your beach, we had a sunrise I caught (a wintry Friday morning in California) and posted on my blog.

    Beauty and wonder all around the world.

  14. Sis - I'm glad you liked my photos. I hope you 'fixed' the first two - probably divine retribution for peeking at blogs when in class. No, none of those homes are mine. I prefer to live where I am on the river, actually.

    Djea - thanks! It was a lovely, slow sunrise, with all the time in the world to watch the world turning..

    Ian. Yes, it's a dreadful place, but someone's got to live here.

    YP, thank you for missing me last week! I was neither ill nor uninspired. I will blog about the reason(s) sometime soon. Yes, I am also very proud of the law that says NZers cannot own beaches. (There are a few exceptions, more notable for their unusualness). I was sad when I went to Florida the first time and found there were vast swathes of coastline along which it was impossible to see the sea for the buildings...

    sUN - I'm glad you enjoyed your vicarious walk along my beach :-) I try and make the internet a better place ...

    Jay - I don't mean to make you too sad and wistful with my pics of NZ, but it's funny, reactions like yours help me enjoy and appreciate what we have here all the more. So, thank you dear girl!
    I've never encountered quicksand on a New Zealand beach. The thought gives me the willes. And there are no fireswamps nor Rodents of Unusual Size either :-)

    Lori. Ah ha. Licks finger and makes imaginary mark in the air. Another convert. I'm glad you love NZ. I do, too.

    Val - I'm glad you loved the morning walk on the beach. This time of year the sea is refreshing. ie not as warm as tropical waters. In another month it will be irresistible to most NZers. We all go to the beach and some children seem to spend their entire summers every year in the water all day. My 85 year old friend went for a swim the other day - in the breakers and all. But then, she's pretty amazing. I prefer lakes and rivers, but then I've never been the same since I saw 'Jaws' back in 1975 ...

    Alden - Yes, the soft light before dawn is especially interesting. I love the pale bright silver-blue of the sea as it reflects the bright sky, but the lack of direct sunlight.

    Kate - Welcome to TLVD! Thank you. I do live in a lovely part of the world, indeed! And comments like yours remind me how appreciative I am. I've been to visit yours just now: I hope your Max gets better fast - and yes! Doesn't exploded egg go a long way in the microwave?! Try leaving eggs boiling on the stove while you go to the supermarket. Three eggs that have run out of water go a LOT further when they have a whole kitchen to spread out in! Luckily the explosion rocked the saucepan off the heat...

    Bettina - Welcome to you too! Always nice to see new faces. Have a pretend summer here. I enjoyed the photos of Alexander and your greyhounds. You have a good feel for a good angle, and lighting I think.

  15. Thank you Sam. Sand fleas? Are they sand hoppers? We have a little amphipod that does a great job keeping our beaches clean. They can be found under almost anything you turn over on the beach. They need to stay moist.

    Dan, Yes, this ole' world just keeps on spinning around. It's dawn somewhere all the time. I rather like being in a plane and traveling away from the dawn - it stretches it out for hours - but it catches up with you eventually.

  16. no i TRY to make the internet better place . . . you, my friend, SUCCEED.



  17. Unbelievably beautiful. Bless you for sharing!

  18. Chalk me up as another who enjoys the vicarious walks - and thank you!

  19. Why is it that I, who can see the glorious beaches, every day of my life (and when in Eagleton can't avoid seeing them from my Study and Kitchen) has just spent a good 15 minutes scrolling up and down and enlarging your photos. Need I say more?

    PS Can you tell YP that I've never seen anyone 'piddle at the side of the road' (well apart from a certain Mayor whom I didn't actually see, just heard about) in New Zealand. On the other hand in France.....


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