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Saturday, 14 February 2009

Tauranga live webcam

My local area has a number of live webcams.  You can even zoom and move the cameras yourself on some of them.  
Sometimes you have to take turns if there's someone else looking at the girls in their bikinis seeing if the waves are big enough for surfing.
You can see the waves and people on the Main beach, and another cam sited at the Powerboat and Yacht Clubrooms gives you nice views over the Bridge Marina,  Mount Manganui ('The Mount'), the harbour entrance and the port where you can see if there's any cruise ships in.  I checked a few minutes ago and a big ship was just leaving.  

Anyway, here's the link  Enjoy!

Don't forget if you are from the rest of the world you won't see much in our nighttime.  Perhaps something to do if you're up in the middle of the night, while you drink your cocoa. Or some-such.


  1. Oh that's just great! I went on the Mount Wave cam and saw a car pull up at the side of the road. A guy got out and went to the side of the road to "take a leak". This is now giving me second thoughts about visiting NZ if you don't have public toilets there. Do NZ women do the same thing we they need to pass water?

  2. And there was me thinking they'd just not removed the lens cover !!!

    I love webcams.

  3. Wow - very cool. Thank you, Katherin. I love being able to see your area! One day I want to visit New Zealand mean while I can just tune in occasionally and pretend! ;) Fantastic!

  4. I clicked on the harbour webcam early this (rainy wintry Saturday in California) morning and it was still dark in New Zealand early (Sunday) morning.

    But I just went back and it's dawn--a summer day's dawn where you live. Wow.
    Thank you for sharing. I'll be back.

    My little dashboard widget tells me the moon is overhead where you are, too.

  5. YP. Ewww. Of course we have public loos. I'm not going to grace the second part of your comment with an answer.

    Ian. They are fun, aren't they? Our local seaside area is very popular as a holiday destination for many New Zealanders.

    Sis - pretend away! Glad I could help.

    Dan. There's something lovely about being able to 'see' another part of the world, whenever you wish. Sometimes I 'go' to London where there is a webcam outside Madame Tussauds.... just for the fun of 'being there'.

    I am going over to the beach today and hope to have some nice photos to share. Can't think why I haven't done it before on my blog.

  6. Ah, web cams - now there's a thought - thanks Katherine I haven't had a look at one of those for ages - Is there a site you can go to that has a comprehensive list of cams available??

    The last time I did look through one was one in Wales, didn't see any good rugby players running about at all, didn't see any Welsh choirs either - I stayed looking for hours - I wonder if this means that Wales has neither?

  7. The comination of bikinis and cocoa-drinking-time has sent my mind off on all sorts of naughty directions. No doubt that's just me!

  8. There's a web cam on our beach too, its been vandalized twice at least. I can't imagine why anyone would want to do that. Will check out yours now.

  9. But it's all dark!! What, am I supposed to get up in the middle of the night to watch the surfers? LOL!

    I'll try it sometime, when I can't sleep. I can't believe I didn't think of the time difference when I clicked that link!

  10. I think it is a grand idea, but then your area is beautiful. I can't imagine posting a camera link up to my area...pretty boring. Though we are in a suburb of Minneapolis/St Paul (The Twin Cities), I am not so sure that'd be much of a interesting site either. The only cameras I have looked at here are the traffic cams on the freeway to see how traffic is flowing. Real excitement there eh? ;)

  11. Alden: I don't know about a list of webcams, but try doing a google search with the words 'live webcams'

    EB: cocoa and bikinis... erm, sounds fun.

    Lori, what a pity about vandals. In general.

    Jay, yes, you are supposed to get up in the middle of the night! There should be a lot of surfing today as there's quite a good swell. And it's Saturday of course!

    Sis, yes I do live in a beautiful part of the world. I've just been up at dawn again taking some photos of the beach for posterity...

  12. This has been such fun.
    Watching the boats in the water, the empty beaches...

    where is everybody??

  13. Violet - there are only about 4 million people in New Zealand... during the week most are at work. If you had a look on a sunny Saturday, you'd see lots at the beach, and if you are lucky you'll catch a yacht race on Sundays on the harbour cam. New Zealanders spend a lot of their free time on the beach in summer.