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- The Mouse and his Child. Russell Hoban.

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Thursday, 30 October 2008

What I'm painting now





This yellow hibiscus I started nine days ago has been a nice challenge.  You can see the progress in this series of pics.

1. First I roughed out the bones on a burnt siena toned canvas. 
2. Then I began to refine the shapes and shadows - for example I worked on the shadow of the pistil, dabbing yellow and lemon 'holes' for the gaps between the stamens. 
3. Next I had a good go at the dents and area where the petals join in the centre and developed the roundness of the pistil stalk (it has an odd transition from pink to lime green) and the stamens, by shading one side.  I had to remember to add the glow of light that is reflected off the sunny side into the shade in the centre.  It was fun to add the puffs of pollen and the tiny stalks.  
4. Yesterday I wrestled with the dents and bumps and grooves on the lower right hand corner petal.  I think I'm almost there.  I was pleased to be able to capture the translucent bump on the top edge, where the sun shines through the back of the petal.
 You might notice I haven't touched the upper right hand petal yet.  Today!


  1. crikey, you posted that tomorrow - you really are abroad aren't you. Lovely painting by the way

  2. Thanks Arthur. Yes, about half the time it's always tomorrow here!
    Talk to YP if you are muddled. He will make you worse.

  3. Hi Katherine,

    Lovely painting, I love the colors.

    Best Jason

  4. Beautiful! And with my new eye, I can see colors much better!

  5. Thanks Tillerman, Jason and Sam.

    SAm - I had no eyedeer that you had eye problems - I'm so glad you are obviously seeing much better since your operation. Have you been told to expect even more improvement over the next few weeks?


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