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'No,' said the child. 'What is it?'
- The Mouse and his Child. Russell Hoban.

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Monday, 22 December 2008

Scary rainbow questions



  1. Wow...I never realized we had things oozing out of our ground that could create such a terrible thing as a rainbow. Could it be.....(screeching violins here, imagine a seen from the Bates Motel).....water droplets? Oh, the humanity!
    I've heard conspiracy theories before, but this one takes the cake, both for the theory and for the world-class editing work.

  2. Ah, so here it is! You found it. Notice the note in the bottom right corner? College humor.

    This is just a joke. It's supposed to be funny, not scary.

  3. Um, I wish I could be sure you are right, Dan... But there is some doubt about it. The College Humour site mostly collects stuff found elsewhere.
    BTW, have you heard of the Onion News Network? Now, that IS made up stuff, and quite funny.

    Nice to see you back. Are you going to post any more on your blog? :-) Your last post is getting decidedly tatty around the edges.

  4. Yes, Sam. I found it quite frightening that people could be so... unenlightened.

  5. Well, I'm kind of with the author on this, and with the commenters' too, light through water droplets, if the sun is in the right place is a perfect recipe for a mini-rainbow after all....

    The lady narrating the clip probably ought to get out a bit more....

    But, on one of those cold & frosty but clear mornings when you see bands of outright yellow just hanging there, you just know the air we breath isn't just as good & wholesome as we believe.

    300 years of burning coal produced an awful lot of sulphur, and they're still trying to sell it to us.

    Open fires & blocked chimneys killed at least as many people as smoking from what I read, but it's become an easier target, a scapegoat if you like, while in the meantime we're all breathing all the industrial lies we've been fed this last 100 years.

    I hope you in the Southern hemisphere take good heart from recent reports that the carbon/sulphur based damage seems to have been, at least for the most part, restricted to our side of the planet? But...we don't have your Ozone issues....

    The system's goosed, and no amount of legislation can undo the greed of the previous generations, at least as far as I can see...

    Desparately sad? Yup, but it's up to us now kids......

    What? You mean it's already too late?

    But absolutely nothing to do with sprinklers and sunlight.....Phew¬!


  6. There is so much ignorance out there. I can well believe that this is an authentic clip. It is too bizarre to have been invented.

  7. Sounds to me like the government has been putting Dihydrogen Monoxide into the supply pipe. Put on your tinfoil hats now, people!

  8. Never mind the rainbow - - it was the spelling that really scared me!

  9. I'm with Gypsy James. There are plenty of reasons to be concerned about Our Mother Earth, and we English-speaking tribes must take a whole lot of responsibility for the mess we're in. It's up to us to reinvent our culture away from greed and materialism.

    Yes, my posts HAVE been tatty, just as you said. But--take heart--I've got a bit more time to invest now that (our) winter break has arrived. I promise.


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