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- The Mouse and his Child. Russell Hoban.

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Monday, 23 August 2010

Being at Bluff

A couple of weeks ago I was standing on the far edge of mainland New Zealand, under the signpost at Bluff.   Behind me, once you get past Stewart Island, there's nothing left but Antarctica.

Looking at this image, I have just realised it's also the farthest I've ever been from London.  Not that I necessarily constantly orient myself with regard to that city.  But obviously I do a little, to have thought about it.  I do like London.  I feel at home there.  And that is odd, since I've never lived there.  

It was fresh and windy at Bluff.  We walked up to the top of the outlook and watched the rainbow and the bands of rain and sunlight move over the land and sea.  It felt quite magical.

And then, walking back, there was a little bird on the path.  It seemed reluctant to fly, and we were equally reluctant to make it.  It trotted ahead of our slow progress for at least a dozen metres.  I think it might have been a pipit, pihoihoi.  More magic.


  1. Your rain and sun picture is incredible...

  2. Very impressive sky picture, that second one... I'm trying to remember where I've seen sign posts like the one in the first photo. I think Land's End in Cornwall had one.

  3. I hope you are wearing your Ice Breakers because that cold, damp sea breeze must be cutting right through. I love those NZ sign posts. I can't resist taking a picture of everyone I see.

    I too love London... one of my favorite cities in the world, although I'm not really very worldly. It has a very unique smell. I fall in love with London again every time I see Hanover Street with Harrison Ford. I like to watch that movie when it rains. When ever the kids call and I say, "It's raining," they ask if I'm watching it. Most of the time I am.

  4. Wow! Now I want to go there, too!! It looks like a magical place to be.

  5. Off the top of my head, I would say that Bluff is 11,780 miles from London so that magical bird you saw has a long way to go. By the way I noticed some GREEN grass at the side of the path and some GREEN bushes at Bluff.
    Not too fond of London myself - busy, overcrowded, impersonal, far too cosmopolitan and home to some very obnoxious people - however I will admit it is an exciting city, like a chocolate box with a wide variety of fillings. I have met Americans who thought that England and London were synonymous. To me it doesn't represent the "real" England at all.

  6. By the way, who took the Bluff photo? Come on lady - spill the beans!

  7. My goodness NZ is gorgeous. The sea photo is stunning. Lovely photo by the sign post too, i love those things, and always take photos of them.

  8. Oh I'd like to visit there! Maybe in December :) You do look a bit chilly, but maybe refreshed!

  9. jinksy - Thank you. I've noticed that drama often equals fewer colours and simpler subject...

    Dawn Treader - Thanks. I've never been to Lands End, but lots' of 'ends' have them, I think...

    Judy - Ah, another London-lover. I've not seen 'Hanover Street'. I will have to search that one out. I like humming 'Streets of London'.

    Lakeviewer - Yes - wonderful atmosphere at Bluff.

    Bettyl - But as Judy says, take your thermals!

    YP. Yes, you spotted the GREEN stuff... well done. The signpost says 18958 km to London, so I'm afraid you are 7,000-odd Kms off. The bird wouldn't do to follow YOUR instructions, it would end up near Sarajevo, by my rough reckoning.

    Lori Ann - thanks for popping in! - and for your compliments! Not quite as warm as your beach I think.

    Beau - wow, December, eh? Keep me in touch. Perhaps we could meet up somewhere... ?
    I was past refreshed and into rejuvenation!

  10. I'm taking a few moments to try and catch up with Blogland.

    It's several years since I was at Bluff and I certainly didn't manage such a beautiful photo.

    Er. Small point but 18958 kms is about 11754 miles so I think YP was only 26 miles out.

  11. Thank you Geeb... x2.

    Sorry YP, I owe you an apology - didn't read your comment closely enough and mistook miles for Km.


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