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- The Mouse and his Child. Russell Hoban.

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Saturday, 8 September 2018


I loved Gothenburg.  It was windy and a bit cold when I was there, but the town is beautiful and I loved wandering around with my son.  We spent all day and saw not only where son's partner and son work (hospital and school, respectively) but also the 'Fish Church', the Iron fountain, the round hospital (now a teacher's training college) and lots of thrift shops.

Where she works

A wonderful art work in the hospital

Gothia Towers - some people don't like them.
They certainly stand out!

Some birds and me outside son's school.

The bookshop where I found postcards and some good paper for watercolours.

The shop where I bought stamps for my postcards

A dear wee church right in the middle of the city. 

The Feskekorka, 'Fish Church'.  So named because it looked a bit like a church after it was finished.
Built to provide cover over the fish market that was on this site for centuries.

Järntorget - the Iron Square fountain.

Järntorget - the Iron Square fountain.  Commemorating the
square where the iron scales used to be and the iron was weighed out.
The fountain has a woman from each corner of the world where the iron used to go.
Here is Miss South Seas with a shell to her ear.

One of the largest second hand shops in the world.  It is four stories!
I wanted a pair of jeans but was so overwhelmed by choice, I walked out again. 

My son taking a photo for some tourists in the old part of Gothenburg.

Cinnamon rolls - heavenly!


  1. I haven't been to Gothenburg in many years, in spite of living relatively close. (Many people commute daily from here but my neck doesn't like neither buses nor trains nor "being on my feet" for too long at a time) Nice to revisit through your camera eye.

  2. I am pleased to be able to save you the jolting Monica.

  3. I love to travel with other bloggers. To see the sights that normal folks see gives me such joy.

    1. I love to travel vicariously too! When I was young I thought I would have time to Do It All. Now I realise... :0)

  4. This was wonderful. I have been to Stockholm but not to Gothenburg. Looks well worth the trip.

    1. Thanks! Why did I not know you have travelled to Sweden Robert? Have you blogged about your travels? I will have to do a search on your blog. x

    2. It was forever ago. I worked for IBM and was in Stockholm from 1 Feb to 1 March in 1969. Almost the opposite of your experience. It was light only from 10am to 3pm.


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