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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Self-crusting quiche

Movie night tomorrow and so we'd have some left over for the weekend, N and I have made a double recipe of the versatile self-crusting quiche.  The recipe is entitled 'Courgette Quiche', but my children know we can put almost any vegetable grated in it, and it's great.  This time we made it with carrots and sliced in six of those leftover breakfast sausages and some baked potatoes...

Here, in case I ever burn the house down and lose all my precious recipes, is it as Patricia gave it to me.

Courgette Quiche
370 gms courgette* - grated
1 cup cheese - grated
1 onion - grated (or if you cry a lot, you can chop it finely and cook gently in a little water - cool before using)
Chopped ham, salami, bacon - 2 tablespoons more or less
(If vegetarian use TVP pieces)
salt and pepper
Combine the above all together.

1/2 cup oil and 5 eggs beaten together
add to above.  
This mixture can sog in the fridge for a day if you wish.
Add 1 cup of flour and 1 tsp baking powder to the above and mix and put straight into a greased quiche dish and into the oven 180ºC for 25 - 30 -35 -40 minutes.

*Grated carrot, parsnip or whatever can be substituted providing no more than 370 gms (about 1  1/2 cups).


  1. Best quiche ever!

  2. Courgette? Squash? But, hey, you said any vegetable will do, providing I stick to the proportions. Good stuff.

  3. Yes, James, and of all people, you should know! ;o)

    It's a very useful quiche for picnics (cold) and pot-lucks too Lakeviewer.

  4. Now you've made me hungry :)

  5. Eat your heart out Delia Smith! Are you sure that this recipe would comply with food hygiene standards? ...Actually it sounds gorgeous you clever thing! Who's this "N" person?

  6. Andy: Good!

    YP: 'are you sure this recipe would comply with food hygiene standards?' Yes. Why do you ask?
    'Who's this "N" person?' My daughter, who I wish to remain anonymous. Why do you ask?

  7. Why do I ask? Why do you ask why do you ask?

  8. Keep reading the last bit of the instructions, but can't decide if the flour mixes into the oil and eggs, or just gets bunged on top? Am I being extra dim, or is it the way the recipe is written out on screen?

  9. Oil and eggs, mix.
    Vegies, onions meat and cheese mix.

    Mix the two mixtures together. Sog.

    Flour and BP, mix.

    Mix in to the sogging mixture...


  10. I made this last night and ate over half myself. It was grand.

  11. Great Tom! You also would know how good this is. I expect you've eaten hundreds of these in your life! :o)