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Saturday, 21 March 2009

Global Warming is Happening!

For your perusing.  And ACTION.
I know I've posted it before, under the title of saving (money) but it's a great little mind-map poster and worth posting again.

I heard on the radio yesterday (I don't watch TV) that there has been an update, based on the rate of melting of the Antarctic ice sheet...  expected sea level rise of .9 to 1.3 metres (or even 'meters', dear friend-in-other-parts-of-the-world) within the next 100 years.  

This is significant.  And is based on the present rate of global warming.  It could be 3 metres.

Don't think waves lapping the doorsteps of houses or apartments.  
Don't think 'oh we can just move the little huts on the beach-front up a bit more'.  
Don't even go near 'let's buy inland now and it will be beach-front and we can make lots of $$€€££ darling'

Think storm surges over present low-lying land.  Deltas.  Tidal flats.  River mouths.  Islands.  Shell-banks.  Sand dunes.  Spits.  It is irrelevant if there are people or buildings or cities there.  The sea won't care.

New York
the Netherlands
New Orleans
Can Tho
The Suez Canal
the Chilean coast
Hong Kong
The Panama Canal
Tai Binh
The Mekong delta
many Pacific islands

To check your area go here.
You can also plug in a different sea-level rise and click for the new scenario.

Now please look at the poster again.  You can click on it to make it bigger.


  1. How come the Mekong Delta gets inundated twice! This doesn't seem fair. What is God up to?

  2. I am flattered that you are waiting so enthusiastically for my new posts that you read them before I have even checked them, dear YP. I do appreciate your loyalty :-)

  3. Kudos to you. I remember this post from earlier.

    On my MindfulHeart blog on March 14 I posted on this topic, too. It's such an urgent issue. Thanks for taking it up again.

  4. I think you will have to add me to the "waiting so enthusiastically for your new posts" crowd. For some unknown reason I haven't read your blog until today and have just finished all of March so far. Fascinating! Great writing! Great photography! This is going to be one of my new "favorite places."

    The only parts of New Zealand I have seen are parts filmed in "The Lord of the Rings" -- the scenery is spectacular -- and now, my first day in depth on your blog, I end by looking at Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen). It must be some kind of sign.

    Keep up the good work, Katherine! Very interesting stuff!

  5. Dan, Robert, thank you!

    And seven sentences of praise in one comment! That must be a record.
    Although at 5'4" I think I am too short for such high praise. Ha ha.

  6. It's quite interesting to see the comments that others have made regarding your blog and to have come along so much later, made comments with the same sentiments and end up working my way backwards through your posts. But I ration myself to a page a day (well, perhaps a wee peek more occasionally).

    Oddly I posted on sea level rises in September 2008 on Eagleton Notes. But I feel another posting on global warming and eco friendliness coming on.


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