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Friday, 7 October 2011

Rena runs aground off Tauranga

You may already know that a container vessel has gone aground on a reef a short way off the coast of Tauranga. Two of the holds are flooded. Oil has spilled from this ship already. Efforts are being made to disperse and/or collect the oil, but birds and at least one seal have been affected already. Many people are very concerned that this will be a major environmental disaster. I've just received through an email from Forest and Bird a request for volunteers to help mediate impact on sea and coastal wildlife.
This is the news in the main NZ paper this morning.
(I heard a few minutes ago that the dispersant you can see being used in this clip from yesterday, may have been more efficient than first reported. So that's one good thing)


  1. All I can say is thank heavens the Rena is not an oil tanker!

  2. Yes. Indeed YP. Although I understand there is 1700 tonnes of heavy fuel oil on board. It has potential to be bad. They obviously hit the reef at full speed, and unfortunately it was close to high tide too, so it will be a long job to get her off in one piece, if at all. She may break up in the process as she is an old girl.

  3. Not looking good for the ship itself but I see Saturday evening (your time) that they are hoping to get the oil off. I hope they succeed. Given the importance of this traffic to the movement and delivery of goods to New Zealand there could be so many other consequences for businesses and individuals if (as looks likely) she breaks her back.

  4. Yes Geeb. Since my post very little has been done to get the oil off, it seems. Now the weather has deteriorated (as predicted) and efforts to pump the oil off have come to a standstill...

    On a related note, I heard that a Christchurch family who had decided to abandon that city and move to Australia, have their entire household contents in a container(s) on the Rena. What bad luck.