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Monday, 10 October 2011

Rena update

Maritime New Zealand is making regular updates to the situation regarding the Rena grounded on the Astrolabe reef off the Tauranga/ Mount Manganui Coast. The Prime Minister has said that oil will be washed up on local beaches for weeks to come.

Oil has appeared on beaches in clumps (it appears the dispersant was only about 10% effective) and now the weather has deteriorated out there in the Bay of Plenty, they can't pump any more oil off in the meantime.

I and many many others in New Zealand, especially those concerned with the natural environment, are frustrated and upset that more wasn't done last week when the weather was calm.

Fingers crossed that after this rough weather, the ship will hold together long enough for the fuel to all be pumped off.


  1. The Rena has now made secondary headline news on British TV with heart-rending pictures of seabirds being cleaned up etc.. Thank you for the informative update and I very much wish that the authorities are able to successfully limit the severity of this tragedy.

  2. You and me both, squire.

  3. The Rena disaster is now headlines in the Netherlands. Another (this time manmade) disaster hits beloved New Zealand again. How awful. Hopefully the weather will cooperate soon to be able to clean up this large spill.


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